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Our philosophy

We do what's right for your skin and your skin only. 

Awaken your confidence and self-esteem while taking charge of your beauty. Universkin helps you do the right thing for your skin by helping you choose the right products (fancy packaging and trendy, buzz-word ingredients aside). Created by doctors for doctors in 2006, we continue to offer you personalized skincare solutions with fresh and unique formulas that are expert-verified. We lead the way with cutting-edge technology and collective intelligence that create proven results, including improved skin, boosted confidence, and treatments you can trust. 

Our Mission

Universkin creates thoughtfully handpicked formulas for all skin types, alleviating conditions such as redness, aging, pigmentation, acne, and more. We act based on the combined knowledge of our community, consisting of over 1500 dermatologists and skin physicians spread across 42 countries. Fancy marketing schemes, exclusive, or unattainable products are not in our vocabulary––we're in the business of doing the right thing by finding real results through research and innovation backed by science and technology. 

Our Values

Not just a group of skin experts, but a group of passionate and purposeful teammates––we work hard to generate over 1.8 million formulas in 57 concentrations for all unique skin types with fresh, active ingredients that deliver proven results. We further value diversity, believing that everyone has different skin and deserves a formula that helps them become better versions of themselves. Our dedication to innovation and mutual respect and trust allows us to deliver leading, successful skincare products around the globe. 

Technology Meets Skincare

We're at the forefront of technology, using AI to predict and help treat skin conditions. Followed by verification from our doctors, our AI system helps bridge the gap between science and better health, offering you immediate knowledge about your skin so you can take faster action. We're all about finding the best solutions for the best results, and AI and better tech are another step in the right direction to more effective skincare treatment. 

We do the right thing with fresh active ingredients, verified expert-checked, science-backed solutions, and personalized formulas made uniquely for you. Join us at Universkin in a skincare revolution––become a skincare activist today.