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Find Your Nearest Universkin Clinic

Looking for a personalized skincare experience with the help of a professional? Our Doctor Locator page is designed for those who prefer a face-to-face or online appointment with a skincare expert from Universkin's doctor community. Easily locate a clinic near you or schedule an online consultation for personalized advice and treatment plans.


Browse our world map and find the list of doctors ready to assist you on your journey to achieve radiant, healthy, and glowing skin. Your ideal skincare solution is just a click away!

Dr Community always on your side

Universkin is proud to be supported by over 1500 doctors across 42 countries, all endorsing our personalized skincare approach. By partnering with these experts, we ensure our treatment plans are not only effective and safe but also grounded in the latest research and evidence-based practices. Trust in our global network of skincare professionals and experience the difference of a truly personalized skincare regimen.