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Discover the Power of Light Protection in a Compact Sample

Curious about the dual-action benefits of Nexultra L? Dive into our 5ml sample to experience the unique blend of day-time hydration and full mineral sun protection.

Nexultra L sample is a glimpse into the multi-functionality of our day cream. Comprising a patented fusion of biomimetic peptides and Omega-3, this sample prepares your skin to fend off daily urban aggressions while ensuring optimal hydration. Its lightweight consistency ensures invisibility, making it an essential for those wanting to experience effective protection against light, free radicals, and pollution without the heavy feel of typical sunscreens. The sample's texture is effortlessly absorbed, a prelude to the comprehensive care offered by the full-sized product. Designed to cater to normal, dry, and combination skin, this sample is your first step toward preserving the skin's youthful vibrancy and natural luminance.

Intrigued by the transformative effects of Nexultra L? Explore deeper by visiting our full product page for extensive details and advantages.

Sample Size: 5ml