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we do what's right for your skin and your skin only

About Universkin

What are the benefits of a hyper-personalized skincare journey?

Compound Reborn. Skincare reinvented. A new generation of skincare formulas that are personalized, freshly compounded, minimalist, and dispensed through doctor's offices only.

Our innovative technologies enable skin health professionals to create more than 1.8 million different serum formulas in 57 different concentrations. Universkin is a unique skincare approach tailored to the individual rather than a broad treatment approach for a heterogeneous population.

Universkin is the go-to skincare component of a holistic approach for tackling challenging facial skin conditions, ranging from pigmentation issues in olive skin tones to acne-prone skin with laxity and wrinkles, as well as discoloration and sensitivity concerns, among others.

Universkin is trusted by the medical community for effectively addressing these difficult skin conditions that doctors encounter in their daily practice.

We empower health professionals in a unique way, by giving them the possibilities through modern and cutting-edge technologies, to create the future of skincare.

Overcreamed but undertreated? Why Personalization Matters.

With thousands of SKUs in the skincare market, why can't consumers find the perfect products they need? The answer is because the beauty industry creates products people want, not products people need. The emotional pull of beauty products - right brain - is every bit as powerful as the left-brain logic and, in most cases, more so. One of the hardest things is getting people to accept that the way they think works just might not be the best. But old patterns and models can be changed. We know that you are not looking for more products. You are looking for the right products.

Our goal is to create skincare with people who believe what we believe. And it is not a surprise that you find Universkin only in doctor's practices. What makes Universkin, is who makes Universkin. Because doctors see individuals while companies see market segments.

What does it do to my skin?

With our bespoke formulated serums, you can expect to see noticeable improvements:

  • In just two weeks, for skin issues such as reduced visible pores and redness.
  • Within 6 to 12 weeks, you'll start to see visible improvements in other areas, including uneven skin tones, fine lines, dull patches, and discoloration in olive skin tones or ashy tones in dark skin.
  • For skin prone to acne, the timeline may vary depending on the initial skin condition, but results can be seen as early as 6 weeks and may continue to improve up to 20 weeks. Rest assured; our powerful serum formulas are designed to address these challenging skin conditions with visible results over time.

Our products are developed to care for your skin while undergoing treatments with your dermatologist, such as laser, chemical peels, and/or Botox. Traditional products are not designed to offer that level of safety, customization, and education. We invest in clinical research and trials to ensure that our products are not only safe and efficacious but also deliver real and tangible results in the skin. We do what we say we do.

What are the Universkin technologies/science behind it?

Our skincare brand is backed by a decade of intensive research and development, resulting in unique proprietary technologies that set us apart in the industry. Unlike the standard 6-month R&D timeline, our products undergo an average of 5 years of meticulous research before they are launched. This unwavering commitment to innovation and scientific excellence is evident in our tailor-made serum range, which has garnered recognition and awards from the international medical community.

At the core of our skincare approach is the Freshly Pressed Technology, protected by patent WO/2015/173481. This groundbreaking microemulsion enables us to solubilize pure active ingredients in powder form and create customized formulas within seconds. This ensures that our serums are highly concentrated, hyper-personalized, and freshly blended, delivering immediate results.

Our formulas are based on actives and concentrations that are adjusted to each individual's unique skin type, backed by stability data and high penetration capabilities, rather than marketing claims. Blending our skincare just before use makes our products even better.

Thanks to our patented process, we are free from constraints of a 36-month shelf life stability. We focus on what makes the difference: The right active ingredients, at the right concentration, selected following the right skin assessment, and freshly blended.

With facilities on every continent, every Universkin serum is freshly blended 48h to 72h before being delivered to your door.

Another key technology in our products is the Inflammarkers Technology protected by patent EP2165698, featuring a patented blend of 3 proprietary signaling peptides and one growth factor. This powerful combination helps to reduce inflammatory markers, boost collagen production, enhance hyaluronic acid synthesis, and improve the overall appearance of the skin, ensuring optimal results without compromising skin health.

Furthermore, our exclusive AI-assisted platform SkinXS is available only to health professionals who use Universkin products. SkinXS empowers health professionals with a more efficient and safer way to assess skin conditions and formulate tailored skincare solutions for their patients.

This cutting-edge platform leverages artificial intelligence to enhance the precision and effectiveness of our skincare regimen, making it a trusted choice for healthcare professionals in managing challenging skin conditions.

How We Choose Skin Ingredients for Each Serum Formula?

The trust placed in us by our physician partners and their patients is paramount, and we work to earn and maintain that trust by only choosing ingredients for inclusion in our system. Our products are manufactured and packaged in a manner that ensures the highest efficacy.

We have 19 ingredients and strive to include all the best skincare ingredients in the world. We research and test the ingredients ourselves, and with our doctor community, conducting independent studies. We observe the outcomes, compare the doctors' observations, and consider our patients' formula preferences.

The recommended products that construct our skincare routines are the skin ingredients with scientific evidence that have demonstrated the best skin benefits:

  1. Proven ingredients that target the barriers to skin health
  2. We offer professional pharmaceutical-grade quality ingredients in every product.
  3. Absence of ingredients that will worsen the barriers to skin health
  4. Ability to improve skin health of patients as determined by doctors using the system
  5. Proof of efficacy when used on the corresponding skin type
  6. Ability to improve the efficacy of other products in the routine when products are layered
  7. Proper bottling and manufacturing to ensure that formulations are potent

An example of stronger, more effective ingredients being used in Universkin are the biomimetic peptides. The concentration and delivery of biomimetic peptides are crucial for them to have any impact on the appearance of the skin. A critical amount (which varies by peptide) is required to encourage such responses as increased fibroblast activity or collagen synthesis.

The criteria that we use to determine which skincare routine to include are listed in the order of importance and weight we give them in our decision: A. Serum formula: Most potent combination of all the ingredients that meet the criteria of your skin analysis with the fewest risks of skin aggression. B. Synergistic skincare: Products that will layer best with your serum products. C. Sunscreen: Mineral only, in powder or cream form. D. Cleansers: Olive oil-based, to ensure perfect removal of waterproof sunscreens, makeup, and environmental pollutants while respecting the skin pH.

Who Created This Brand?

Universkin was created in 2006 by a multidisciplinary medical team. The CEO and main thinker behind the brand is an experienced scientist with a strong passion for disruptive innovation. LinkedIn Bio

Have the Results Been Clinically Proven?

Yes, we have invested in numerous clinical trials, and the proof/results are presented at the largest medical world congresses for aesthetic dermatology. We have been awarded twice with the prestigious Medical Aesthetic Awards in the best medical skincare and most innovative skincare categories.

Is Universkin a Clean Skincare?

Universkin's products are highly concentrated, bespoke, and freshly blended. Our serums are mixed 48h to 72h before reaching each of our customers' skin.

Our products have cleaner formulations:

  • They do not contain parabens or phenoxyethanol.
  • No artificial colorants (the color of our products is the natural color of its ingredients, or we use natural colorants).
  • We have replaced mineral oils with vegetable oils.
  • In our cleanser, we have replaced with natural-origin cleansing agents that don't dry out the skin.
  • Our formulations are VEGAN, which means that they do not contain animal extracts and are not tested on animals (as required by European law).

All Universkin serum packaging is made of pure glass or recyclable materials that better protect our active formulations.

Is Universkin a Natural Organic Brand?

Universkin is not and does not intend to be a 100% organic or a 100% natural brand. We wanted to create a skincare line that, first and foremost, delivers results - true efficiency - in a way that is cleaner, greener, and vegan.

At Universkin, we believe strongly in progress, and using only natural ingredients goes against this thinking. In line with this philosophy, Universkin combines the best of nature with the best of science (specifically biotechnology) - to which we add the best, most advanced, and renowned cosmetic and dermatological molecules that are proven to be safe and effective for the skin.

We invested in creating formulations that are effective - ones that could rival irritant molecules like retinoic acid or peels - yet are kind to the skin and the environment, instead of simply creating natural products that can be made at home.

We decided not to use only 100% natural-extracted ingredients for a few reasons:

  • Many of them are not supported by strong, scientific and track-record studies and, when they are, they are recognized only as good moisturizing and nutritive ingredients. Using 100% natural-extracted ingredients - especially if and when used by an entire large-scale industry such as beauty and cosmetics - can have a detrimental, if not dire, impact on natural resources and their sustainability.
  • Many natural ingredients are allergenic (essential oils, for example), and, in organic brands, for example, the main preservatives used are known to be irritating to the eye area.
  • Instead, we looked to the cutting-edge of science - the most modern biotechnologies - to naturally produce our actives, which can be reproduced to infinity in laboratories, with zero impact on the environment.
  • 88% of Universkin's actives come from biotechnology origin, and 92% are natural origin actives. We favor biotechnology as the main source of our actives because this is a sustainable, progressive way to produce natural yet effective ingredients - that deliver results.
  • Our actives (also known as biotechnological actives) are backed by strong, scientific, and track-record studies that prove their efficacy.

Why Does Universkin Not Use Retinoic Acid, Hydroquinone, or Antibiotics?

Universkin is all about strengthening the skin's barriers (including its good bacteria) and alleviating redness. As a result, we have prevented ourselves from using extremely irritating molecules for that reason. We know how to manage the most challenging skin conditions without being aggressive towards the skin. And therefore, we can maintain this glow (the holy grail...) for longer.

What Does It Mean to Be Vegan in Skincare?

Vegan means that the formulations have not been tested on animals and do not contain any animal extracts.

What Is the Difference Between 'Probiotic' and 'Skin Flora Regulators?

'Probiotic' is the scientific name for bacteria. Universkin products for acne or atopy-prone skin use peptides issued from probiotic bacteria that are clinically proven to stimulate the good bacteria that live on our skin. By stimulating the good bacteria that live on our skin, we can strengthen our skin flora and therefore better protect our skin. Universkin does not use probiotics (i.e., 'live' bacteria) in any of our products, owing to the fact that these cannot stay alive in formulations.

Are the Products Considered Halal?

Our products do not contain animal extracts, including pork extracts.

Why Don't You Sell Night Creams?

We do not sell night creams because we feel that night creams are just a greasier version of day creams. We recommend using our highly concentrated overnight serum formulas and matching them with our rich texture creams and balms. If you prefer, you can also use our creams day and night since they are also suitable for night usage, i.e., AM + PM.

How Do You Explain Universkin's Pricing?

We believe Universkin is the best possible investment you can make in your skin. The products are the result of 16 years of expertise at the highest level - driven largely by the unique experience and expertise of one of the world's leading medical communities.

Our bottle design doesn't deliver results. What's inside does. We also like nice design, but a gold-encrusted lid on our skincare packaging is not going to improve your skin.

In Universkin, you pay extra for your investment in the ingredients and the freshness logistics. We listen to your skin concerns and perform our proprietary 8 color-coded skin analysis before we recommend any skincare routine. This allows Universkin to ultra-customize your regimen to ensure the best results and educate you about your skin and our recommendations.

We offer far more versatility to match your lifestyle. We come in a variety of strengths, formulations, and concentrations to match all different skin types and conditions.

We check in with you every two months and monitor your progress; if we aren't seeing the results we want, or if you are experiencing discomforts like dryness or flaking, we work together to adjust your regimen. It's a true partnership that you'll rarely find anywhere else than our physician community.

We spent five years developing each Universkin product - using the latest science, skincare expertise, and technology. This is a stark contrast to the time it typically takes to create skincare formulations (an average of six months between brief and production) and is testament to the time, energy, expertise, and dedication we invested in creating a gentler yet powerful, greener yet efficient, vegan yet high-end skincare line - with clinically proven results.

Why Does Universkin Have Only Mineral SPF?

Our team is diligently working on developing the best SPF possible, and we understand that time and effort are essential in creating a high-quality sun care product. After extensive research, we have concluded that mineral-only sunscreens are the safest and most effective form of sun protection in the long run. However, we acknowledge that this is our opinion and not a judgment on other skincare companies that may use different UV filters in their sunscreen formulations.

We understand the common concern of the white cast that can sometimes be associated with mineral sunscreens. Therefore, we pay great attention to the texture of our formulations to ensure a pleasant experience for our users, without compromising the effectiveness of sun protection. Our mineral-only sunscreens are formulated without the use of mineral oils or silicones, and we also avoid the use of mineral nanoparticles to address potential concerns.

We believe that using sunscreen is always better than not using any sunscreen at all, and we are committed to providing a high-quality, mineral-only sunscreen option for our customers. We appreciate your support as we continue to develop the best sun protection products for your skin.

What Does Genderless Mean?

Genderless means that all our products can be used either by women (they are made for women) or men (bespoke formulation allows us to make them strong enough for men's skin). Our scent is neutral; the products are cleaner, greener, vegan; our textures are non-greasy and efficient, so they will work on men's thicker skins too.

What Is in Your Fragrance?

Our unique scent was created by a master Parisian perfumer. It is designed for extremely sensitive skin. It is also important to notice that not all our products contain fragrance.