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We create solutions - not just products - with your goals and challenges in mind

We care about credibility, yours and ours.

Skin care is a powerful tool.

Under the guidance of a highly trained practitioner, the right skin care routine can deliver profound skin health and anti ageing benefits.

That’s why, in addition to our in-house R&D staff, we forge long-lasting partnerships with skin expert practitioners across the world through pioneering research.

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An Expanding Market Where Physicians Can Take the Lead

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Our team is dedicated to enhancing the practitioner-patient relationship and improving patient compliance.

Get in sync with your patients.

Automatic renewals options are designed to make it easy for patients to stick to your product recommendations and skin care protocols.

*Service not available in France

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Get inspired by expert-led insights

We know you’re busy, so we keep it simple. Take deep dives into trending skin health topics and learn step-by-step skin care protocols from active field experts—all in 20 minutes or less.

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Who better to answer your questions than a scientist?

As a Universkin account holder, you can call on our team of experienced PhDs, and clinical dermatologists to discuss cases you encounter in your practice.

Let our Functional Dermatology consultants help you find solutions for your patients based on shared knowledge, expertise, and real-life experience.

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Search topics that inspire you and share resources with colleagues.

Universkin is your trusted resource on skin health and skin care active ingredients, offering free access to podcasts, clinical tools, research summaries, and more.

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Overcreamed but undertreated?

Why personalized medicine matters.

Our innovative technologies enable skin health professionals to create more than 2 million different serum formulas in 57 different concentrations.

Universkin is trusted by the medical community for effectively addressing these difficult skin conditions that doctors encounter in their daily practice.

Universkin is a unique skincare approach tailored to the individual rather than a broad treatment approach for a heterogeneous population.

We empower health professionals in a unique way, by giving them the possibilities through modern and cutting-edge technologies, to create the future of skincare, now.

Transforming Skin Care:

Universkin's Innovative Approach

Redefine Your Patients Skin Health Potential with Universkin. 

Compound Reborn.
Skin care reinvented.

Step into the future of skin care with Universkin – a game-changer for your patients' skin health. Our innovative French skincare formulas are personalized, freshly-compounded, minimalist, and exclusively dispensed through medical professionals. Crafted with your patients in mind, these patented, medical-grade formulas promote optimal skin health and are freshly blended for each unique use.

Empowering Healthier Skin, Inspiring Happier Lives

Universkin crafts top-tier, science-driven skincare and skin analysis platforms. We enable physicians to connect more effectively with patients, enhancing their journey towards their skin goals and improved skin health.

Designed by Science. Trusted by Doctors.

From puberty through menopause, women have changing skin needs that can provide unique challenges lifelong.

Offer a service that helps your patients save valuable time and money, but also educate them to navigate the overwhelming array of retail cosmetics.

Harvest the benefits such as patient loyalty, repeat business and greater name recognition.

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