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Nexultra L - SPF30 - TiO2/ZnO mineral moisturizer

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Light day cream, full mineral SPF 30

Nexultra L is a multi-purpose mineral day cream, a patented combination of biomimetic peptides and Omega-3. It contains all necessary functions of a day moisturizer, by rebalancing and hydrating the skin. Light and invisible on the skin, the full mineral filter inside helps to protect against the harmful effects of light, free radicals, pollution and the aggressions of urban living to preserve youth, luminosity and natural glow of the skin. With a soft texture and easily absorbed formula, this day cream treats and protects your skin at the same time and is suitable for normal, dry and combination skin.

Size: 50ml

Nexultra L - SPF30 - TiO2/ZnO mineral moisturizer - 50ml
Nexultra L - SPF30 - TiO2/ZnO mineral moisturizer Sale price€69,00

More active ingredients for better efficacy

Nexultra L contains

Camelina Oil

Concentration: 5%

Called "gold of pleasure" and obtained from the seeds of camelina sativa, the camelina oil is one of the richest source of alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid which is bioconverted by the skin in natural anti-inflammatory molecules EPA/DHA.

Integrated in our patented combination with biomimetic peptides, it helps to restore the skin's natural functions in the long term, enhances the skin's barrier function and is essential for the appearance of healthy skin.

Nexultra L contains

Exclusive biomimetic peptide

Small synthetic fragments of natural peptides, biomimetic peptides act as messengers between cells and enable optimal skin cell functions.

Tripeptide-1, a small, three amino acid peptide which is a growth factor analogue. It stimulates collagen I & III production in the skin and other components as elastin, fibronectin and laminin. It restarts tissue renewal and healing, it improves skin elasticity and preserves firmness.

Acetyl hexapeptide-1 is agonist of the α-MSH (α-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone), which regulates melanin synthesis via receptor MC-1R. This peptide boosts the natural photo-protection, prevents UV-induced DNA damages & stimulates DNA repair while reducing inflammatory molecules. Cleverly vectorized onto the skin by the sun powder, it reduces UV damage and limit photo ageing.

Nexultra L contains

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

Concentration: 12+11%

So called mineral, inorganic or physical UV filters, these metal oxide particles are used as sunscreen filters which deposit onto the skin and absorb UV photons and slightly reflect and refract them.

When used together, ZnO and TiO2 provide good broadband UV protection. The only two filters actually considered as generally recognized as safe according to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

By filtering harmful UV rays, they help to protect cells from being damaged, skin from premature ageing and dryness. It is effective rapidly after application and drying to protect without delay. Beneficial for all skin types, it is particularly recommended on sensitive and acne prone skins because it does not clog pores.