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Quality at the Core

Transparency in Every Aspect of Our Scientifically Formulated Skincare Solutions

Quality and Science you can trust

Our enduring commitment is to deliver safe, effective skin health solutions.

With a stringent approach to ingredient sourcing, advanced continuous formulation, and rigorous testing, we set high standards, both for ourselves and the industry.

We believe in quality and science that you can place your trust in.


years of scientific research






We work with best-in-class institutions to drive innovation


Testing information is available for every batch

#1 Recommended

#1 Practitioner-Recommended ingredients


We voluntarily participate in third-party testing

Join us in our commitment to quality skin health solutions.

We have trust issues, you should too.

In the world of skincare, trust is paramount. Since 2006 and the introduction of our anhydrous balm for skin repair, our unwavering commitment to transparency has been at the core of our operations.

We understand the importance of knowing what goes into your skin care solutions, and we ensure our process is transparent, from ingredient sourcing to advanced formulation methods and testing. We've consistently pushed the boundaries of industry standards, refusing to cut corners or compromise on quality.

That's our promise to you – a promise of integrity, transparency, and relentless dedication to your skin health.

Rigorous Science and Ethical Sourcing

Above Trends, Beyond Expectations

Our dedicated in-house R&D team ensures we remain at the cutting edge of scientific advancements, leading us to innovate and establish new benchmarks in skincare formulation.

Each ingredient we incorporate is scrutinized beyond the basic Certificate of Analysis; we verify its authenticity, quality, and safety independently. We believe in self-accountability, and we invite you to hold us to our stringent standards.

Rigorous Quality Control

Consistency is Key

In the realm of premium skincare, there's no room for inconsistency. We perform rigorous testing on each ingredient and every batch to ensure uniformity and effectiveness.

Whether it's a serum, emulsion, or anhydrous formula, safety and purity are paramount. With over 8,000 quality control tests conducted annually, we are committed to delivering dependable formulas you and your patients can trust.

Transparency in Formulation: No Hidden Secrets

We prioritize testing and skin analysis over labels. The ingredients we decide upon are precisely what you'll find listed on our products, with no surprises. In the realm of your patients' skin health, we believe in full transparency. You can count on us to disclose everything, leaving no room for secrets.